Towards pesticider-free agriculture

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Toward pesticider-free agriculture

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Fungicide-free agriculture


Develop economically important crops naturally resistant to Fusarium and other pathogenic fungi

Reduced need for fungicides and eliminated risk of mycotoxins in the food chain

ABOUT HEALTYCROP ApS is a company specialized in developing economically important agricultural crops that are naturally resistant to fungal infections particularly to Fusarium and Aspergillus. The resistance entails that the pre-harvest use of fungicides is reduced, and crops are not contaminated, pre- or post-harvest, with fungal toxins that are hazardous to animals and humans.


Our crops obtain fungal resistance by enhanced Nepenthesin Expression (ENE). Nepenthesin is a naturally occurring protease first identified in the pitcher secretions of plants of the Nepenthes genus, a group of carnivorous plants.

The resistance mechanism is non-cytotoxic but works through inhibition of fungal activity of phytase, an enzyme essential for releasing phosphate required for fungal growth. The result is starvation of the fungus and therefore reduced growth and toxin production. As the inhibition mechanism involves multiple interactions between the inhibitor and the enzyme, the risk of rapid development of fungal resistance is considered very low.


Pernille Ollendorff Hede, PhD

CEO of Healthycrop

Strong in Biotechnology, Industrial Outreach and Management. By training a Plant Molecular Biologist (PhD) specialized in Plant Biotechnology and Protein Engineering.

Henrik Brinch-Pedersen, Professor, PhD

CSO of Healthycrop

Plant Biotechnologists (PhD) specialized in biotechnological and genetic research on crop plants. Focus area is Identification of genetic background for quality traits in crops.

Jan Mousing, PhD

Member of the Board

Strong base in business development, innovation and management. By training a veterinary epidemiologist specializing in inter alia food safety. Previous Chief Veterinary Officer (DK) and Management Board member of EFSA.


If you are looking for collaboration, partnering or investment opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact CEO Pernille Ollendorff Hede for more information.

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  • Address: ApS, Helsingørsvej 8, DK-3480 Fredensborg, Denmark
  • VAT: : 39999579
  • IBAN: DK0964890002023587

The address of Aps research facilities:

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